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mac fluidline (ie: eyeliner via brush)

Today I forgot to bring my eyeliner brush with me and was forced to improvise. I dug through my bag and found a mechanical pencil; this day just got better and better. I inspected the pencil and decided that the lovely new eraser would be a great substitute for a brush. (nice try) Using the eraser, I applied a little liner onto my hand to get an idea of how it looked; the eraser seemed to work fairly well. Smoothing a lovely macroviolet line above my lashes, I discovered that using that mechanical pencil eraser worked almost as well as the overpriced brush which I foolishly purchased.
I did also find, however, that one should not try to do anything fine or detailed using a rubber eraser, because that gives rather unfavorable results. I ended up with smudgy blotches next to my eyes, which were very difficult to get off.
In conclusion, today I discovered two things.
One: If you forget your liner brush, do not panic, look for a mechanical pencil. If one is not to be found, it is acceptable to panic.
Two: Do not attempt any detailed work when using an eraser to apply eyeliner.

Tags: eyeliner
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