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tipoftheday for 2-19-07
'Clean' makeup
If you want to look clean, but not made-up, use neutral tones; start with light concealer and foundation, which will even out your skin-tone while leaving your face looking natural.
On your eyes,  apply natural shades (similar to your own skin color), darker on the bottom and lighter on top, as follows the usual rules of eyeshadow application. Be sure to keep these shades very close to your skin color, only slightly different as to allow for s subtle accent.
Smudge a little black or brown eyeliner (pencil works best for this look) above your eye; don't apply any below as this will make your eyes appear heavier, which you don't want here. (also, dark smudges under your eyes generally aren't very condusive to looking clean)
Like everything else for this look, your blush should be similar to, but a little lighter than, your skin tone. Don't put a lot on!
Try to keep your lips somewhat free of product; using plain chapstick usually works fairly well.
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