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tip of the day

hey everyone. sorry there hasn't been any tip of the day for a while now. elle has been on vacation and i have not been on the computer until now. to make up for the loss elle has asked me to provide everyone with a large tip.

to make small, deep-set eyes look larger ;; follow these steps:

Step 1: Start with eye cream. It will smooth and plump up the skin around the eye, nixing any fine lines.

Step 2: Prep lids. Many women's eyelids are darker than the rest of their skin, casting shadows that make deep-set eyes look even smaller. Even out the tone of your lids by applying a layer of foundation to them.

Step 3: Apply a light-colored shadow. Sweep a light-colored shadow over your entire lid, from lashline to browbone. Choose a color such as bone, taupe, or peach because light colors make features stand out (while dark colors make features appear to recede).

Step 4: Add a medium shadow. Dust a medium-toned shadow along the crease of your eye. Again, don't go too dark; pick a medium brown or gray.

Step 5: Line lightly. Apply a brown or charcoal pencil or powder liner very close to your lashlines. Avoid black, which can make eyes look even smaller.

Step 6: Curl and coat lashes. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then sweep on a coat of black or dark brown mascara.

so thats it for today!
bye everyone! ♥
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