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rainbows and stars

Introduction: I am Elle, your mod and maintainer. I like music (not this pop nonsense, but music that lasts longer than a week.), art and photography. Makeup is an obligatory interest in this community, therefore I will not mention it.

Here we go...

I tried out _twonkie_'s lovely rainbow eyeshadow and it turned out very nicely.
looking up

shimmersand,silverbleu, lucky jade, royal hue
veluxe pearl; expensive pink
MegaEyes; cornflower (shade 255A)
Jesse's Girl
eyes dust; no shade labeled, it's metallic green.

I also played with my own idea over here.

shimmersand, royal hue
velvet; contrast
veluxe pearl; star violet
fluidline; macroviolet

fluidline looks like this:

and goes on very nicely with a brush. I use mac's brush no. 263, which looks like this:

as I posted, I've used an eraser to apply my fluidline, but you really can't do anything detailed with an eraser. Brush no. 263, unfortunately, costs 16.50 USD, for something more cost effective, go to Target, they have brushes of nearly the same quality for about half the price. Most of my mac products are donations from my loving mommy, and when buying something on my own, I usually opt for Target. that and the nearest mac store is an hour away. Anyway, you can get the X's with a brush like 263, it's very easy.
Remember, though, if you use brush-application eyeliner, you need to clean your brush(es) before or after each use to keep it/them nice and pliable. Though brush cleaner is good for your brushes, plain water and a little soap works well, too. Why spend dollars on cleaner when you have a lovely tap right down the hall?

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I had the devil's time getting the focus and flash to cooperate with me, I hope the lack of composition isn't to awful.

Tags: brushes, fluidline, rainbow eyes, star eyes
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